Every gardener understands the drive to hover over plants through all kinds of weather. Learning to care for succulents has been challenging. They don’t want you hovering!

Last week, the shower gift that made my day was a Haworthia Maughanii Hybrid. A succulent. What a cute plant! In searching it out to make sure it wasn’t toxic to animals, I discovered plant expert George, aka Prickly Pete

In 2017, George joined up with some other kindred spirits at Artisan Plants, “Where Picasso meets Mendel.” A whole new world. Fascinating.

Here’s a link on general pet care and plants.

Artisan Plants

So George sent me a nice note and a link to succulent plant care. (Who knew this plant was a miniature?) He continued in an email: “Haworthia are not poisonous but their leaf sap does contain calcium oxylate crystals which are found in many other houseplants as well. These are needle shaped crystals that if consumed are very irritating to the mouth and digestive tract. They don’t taste very good.” (Apparently, his dog Otto tried some and decided the plastic stakes tasted better). More info on Haworthias.

In the Garden

The golden hosta, seen here is the largest hosta on our property and turns this marvelous color after the flowers are all gone.

It’s been a busy week all around. I’ve almost finished putting Hollytone on most of the acid lovers. One more bag, and a lot more peat moss. Of course leaves must be raked before you can sprinkle the Holytone. 

Although the garden looks great, the infamous snake worms are everywhere! Just finished my third full can of snake worms. Luckily the worm curse happens just below the leaves and in the topsoil. There is no known cure! Every time I go out to rake or dig, the can is always at my side. Very gross.
The Serenity Statue has moved inside the barn out of winter weather. Look closely on the right under the Japanese maple and you’ll see the metal place saver- the globe!

Craft and Holiday Fairs

So, we’re doing three craft fairs this fall- Cromwell, Bristol and here in Litchfield. I’ll have several of the new infinity scarves in all organic cotton and snugly warm. And a few new chiffon style scarves just back from printing. Whole lot of sewing going on.

Cactus, is a new infinity scarf- a stunning bright yellow and green, a perfect complement to the incoming rusty fall colors. You can see the scarves here.
This metal dress form is the new model for my scarves. I’m going to be re-shooting all the scarves using it. Do you love it? It will be perfect for fairs too!

Fiona Apple

An American “art pop” songwriter with a haunting voice- this song places her almost into a jazz category. Agree? Why Try to Change Me Now?

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