The peonies are coming in, in their lurid, unabashed color. Even the ivory ones look  wildly extravagant. I designed this peony pillow some months ago and was warned off producing it because it was too much color. What IS that? Wake up world and embrace the horror. Life is colorful no matter where or how you live. You take the good with the bad. And so often color brings abundant beauty. And wonderful summer scents.


This peony is bright red when closed and opens red. After a few days, it turns light orange!

In contrast…The Birdbill Dayflower, is a member of the spiderwort family. I’ve been slowly transplanting this humble native around the property as it provides a sublime blue spark of color in season. Just before and as the peonies blast into view. More about peonies here.


A Birdbill Dayflower head is a cluster with a single terminal flower that develops first, followed by secondary buds that develop alternately -surrounded by boat-like leaves. Continuous bloom!

My favorite description of this plant: “The inflorescence is a scorpioid cyme subtended by a boat-like spathe.” Brings me back to high school Latin- the cornerstone of romance languages.


Purple lupine flowers have an interesting habit of opening sequentially. The light lavenders of each new spire are echoed by older, violet-hued neighbors.

Another artist passed this week. Danny Kirwan. At a very young age- just out of high school, Danny was a foundational member of Fleetwood Mac, evidenced in his nomination to the Hall of Fame years later, after he’d been fired, hounded by years of mental health issues and alcoholism. Danny’s song writing and tremendous guitar talent helped propel them to the top of the charts.  before Stevie Nicks was part of the band. Apparently, many were concerned that Albatross, an entirely instrumental piece, wouldn’t  have what it took. They were so wrong. Utterly fabulous song. A great collaboration. Close your eyes and have a listen.

Danny’s Obit. RIP, Danny.

Even as life ends, there are always new beginnings. I’m thrilled to say that we’re now selling original scarf designs- from images I’ve captured in my gardens. Check the first three out- more incoming!


Palma, a wonderful light green hosta leaf turned pillow

You can see our in-stock pillows here– all from the garden.. All cotton, washable and hypo-allergenic feather down inserts.


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