I was surprised to find this bloom on one of the azalea bushes yesterday as I was weeding in preparation for their autumn holly tone application. I’m pretty sure the bush bloomed in early spring.  I was glad to see there weren’t any other buds this close to snowfall in Litchfield, Connecticut… Must be a left over.

AzaleaHill Yup, there’s the bush in early May- on the right of the photo, full of flowers. In general, plants follow seasonal predictability, which is great, something you can count on. I like putting gardens to bed at the end of a growing season so they can chill for a while.

“Before the Deluge.” This was an old song recorded again in February 2014 by the eternal Jackson Browne. Music is a great source of energy for me any time of year.  This version is an interesting collaboration of Browne in concert with other musicians. Good vibes.










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