Paola scarves are now available to order. Have a look. If you love them, consider a wonderful addition to your wardrobe, AND, please pass them on. I appreciate it!


Such a hardy and fat (red!) lily. I always look forward to these guys blooming. What’s not to like?

Here’s the thing. Flowers come and go outside, but each time a new variety appears, I disappear from whatever I was supposed to do to take their pictures. I need no other incentive then their beautiful selves. Right now, I’m shooting the lace cap hydrangeas. Very unusual flower. Unfortunately, the peonies are on the design runway first for scarf design.


My daughter Bridget kindly donned scarves for photos. This  scarf is called Glory, for its featured Midnight Blue morning glories-one of her favorites. I combined it with parrot tulips and sunflower images-all drama queens!

There was a lot to do this week, I put in a new scarf order but mostly, it’s been dedicated to writing and readying the website pages for the scarves. It was so hot, I couldn’t bring myself to do much outside other than keep everyone hydrated.

Dave Matthews Band is a band my kids grew up with. I suspect, given the big band show they put on, I wouldn’t have a been a fan. However, I discovered a recording called “Oh Joy Begins”- from June of 2018. I suspect this would be the place I’d like to hear him play. Always love the venue, NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert. Have a listen.


Peachy and Palma

New scarf designs are already in the works. Subscribe if you’re not already and we’ll keep you posted on what’s new. And Paola Pillows are in! Relax and stay cool- summer is on.






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