High Point

Paola Prints, High Point Market

Friday was opening day at High Point Market. So much energy expended at looking good. Ah, the things I’ve learned.

High Point Market

Southern Scrambled Diner

Had a GREAT southern breakfast the other day. This place is something to go out of your way for. Container garden in the back with cute little cow sculptures on the back stairs.


One big pancake.

I had one giant pancake (forewarned as I was) with a choice of blueberries in, or on top and HEATED maple syrup. I treasured my latte, which is virtually unheard of in this locale.. The decor was funky arty, the service outstanding. And the price was prolly less than IHOP. Southern Scrambled Diner in Greensboro.

So, we’re loving the southern hospitality. People have their priorities right and I think we could learn from North Carolinians. I went to a seminar on selling to the top 1%. At the top is relationship. People treasure it and staying power is attributed to trust. Duh.

We saw a great segment on PBS about a female violin prodigy who gives back by playing to the poor in shelter. Rachel Barton Pine. Rachel’s  passion for music, in addition to compassion for others is touching and informative. It’s what important people!

In this vein, I want to share a great (short) excerpt from Maya Angelou. Same deal. You work hard (hopefully doing what you love) and then you give back. Save time in your life. We all need to try. That said. Sending this out to my darling and long suffering husband who has been partnering this pillow obsession with me. Thank you Larry!Larryweb





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