Summer is the time for getting away from the everyday. Reaching out for something unknown and far away. At least that’s how I like to practice it.

I had taken my son and his girlfriend out to beat the LA heat and took this photo overlooking Catalina Island. The day was idyllic and the island of perfect size for our one-day exploration up hill and down in an electric golf cart. I’m sure the photo reminds me of southern Italy in its looks- color, sun and water. Very similar feeling to the island of Capri and those romantic Italian movies.

The piece of music my friend Joel selected reminded me of the view overlooking Catalina. Debussy is not a composer I’m terribly familiar with but the haunting flute melody immediately sent me traveling to an ocean place. Can we go now?

Don’t forget to check back here every Thursday morning to sample Joel’s latest music morsel. Joel serves up all the greats on his show, “Unhinged” Thursdays from 12-2pm on WAPJ 89.9 FM, a Torrington CT community-supported radio station:


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