The Christmas season heralds sensations of traditions  that have lasted generations of families. It’s written that our sense of smell alone triggers more brain activity than visual stimulation. Think of it, the sight of a rose vs… its scent. Which holds more memories for you? The scents of Christmas. No question in my mind. What are yours?

Scents of Christmas


Certain smells also evoke very specific memories. My sister visited me in the hospital after I survived a traumatic car accident and brought a wonderful rose perfume. For the longest time, the smell of roses was linked to that accident. Why????

Putting it simply, the architecture of our brain is designed to identify and organize stimuli in ways that tag them historically and associatively. Not so simple perhaps.

In 2004, a Nobel Prize  was awarded was awarded to Biologists Richard Axel and Linda Buck for their work in decoding how the brain might identify and classify myriad smells.

Did you know that humans can memorize about 10,000 different odors? More about this fascinating study here.

In short, “Smells Matter”. What special ones are you showcasing when people walk into your home? Especially at holiday time when we all try to create special experiences that last a lifetime? No pressure. A living tree or greens on your door is a good start!

Baking and cooking add tremendously to creating the feeling of Christmas. As a baker myself, I also know that cooking allows me to tap into my own good memories of family -going way back. Scents of ChristmasWhat are yours? Cinnamon, warm apples, simmering tomato sauce, turkey roasting, a wood fire, mulled wine and candles? What do you remember of holidays past, and what have you chosen to recreate? The generation keepers are very basic.

Embrace the aromas of the holidays! Besides, they go a long way in setting aside whatever family strife periodically surfaces.

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A Rosa by any other name…just isn’t.

Scents of Christmas



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