Spring Equinox 2018 begins Tuesday, March 20, at 12:15 pm. Just a reminder in case it’s still snowy over your way. Still, I’m always drawn into daffodil and tulip anticipation. Sort of the opposite of weather worry- and why not? Spring comes every year, regardless of what else is happening at the moment. The predictability is a big comfort this time of year. I’m working with assorted tulip images, exploring what they might offer in surface design-their shape is generally so defined it presents a challenge for integration into a larger concept. At the same time, there is still welcome variety, from shape to color.

SpringBack at the ranch- as it’s still cold and white in many places, don’t give up on a hot breakfast. Saw this great dish that included chocolate. “One tablespoon of cocoa powder to a half-cup steel-cut oats.” OMG, I’m already hooked. Cocoa and high protein together at last. Adults too, can have chocolate for breakfast, Larry.

As Spring approaches, we’re always thinking about “freshening up the place” at winter’s end. How about you? (Looking around, I think a good window cleaning is as good as almost anything). And then, there’s the use of a bright, surprising color, like yellow. Let’s just say you have a darker space then you would like and windows and skylights aren’t yet in the budget.  Choose a bright yellow you like, pick out a short wall, and bingo, you might just add a lot of interest at very little cost. Or trim.… a splash of pillows. SpringLess can be a lot. It’s spring after all. And summer is on its way..

Emmylou Harris and Mark Knopfler are a pair of consummate musicians. Fun to listen to alone, a great pleasure to hear together. Besides, sunshine always comes after rain. Why Worry? (Love the boots, Emmylou)






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