I landed in Iowa two days ago to join my sister for her hip replacement. Great little town called Ames- if I ever make it out to the great walks and shops. I’ve heard it’s a great place to enjoy the out- of-doors too. Love the people.

This was the week for flat out work on fair prep for our Spring show in Simsbury. Then, re-locating all Paola Prints pieces to the car…in the pouring rain. This gala event was the day before my flight to Ames. Great planning- not. And who knew, the flight took 7 additional hours due to plane problems and staffing problems. Believe it or not…we finally re-boarded and took off, flying about 1 hour and were turned around to Charlotte because the pilot had too many hours! American. Not my favorite flying partner.

The Simsbury Flea & Smorgasbord was a very well attended event and kept us on our toes. The rain made the ground around unbelievably wet and mushy. So I was really glad for my rubber garden boots. I never took them off. As Connecticut residents know, it turned cold too! Did you bring your flowers in again like I did?

Ames, Iowa
Every fair is a new room design. This time, we laid down a woven plastic rug that helped immensely. This was the first time we used sides on our tent. I borrowed my sister’s and we were thrilled. Cold and rainy weather is not for the fainthearted!
Ames Iowa
Our scarves flew off the racks and I even managed to clear out the “seconds” just what every businessperson likes to get done. I still have some regular priced scarves in stock though…Our brand new Ariel, gotta love her.
Ames Iowa
The visit by my friend Dorothy meant the world. And she left with one of my favorite scarves-Caroline..!
Ames Iowa
As per usual, I hung my most favorite backdrop that incorporates art from our pillow called Palma, a beautiful light green Spring hosta plant. Are your hosta plants pushing up right about now? Mine are and I love it. We sold several pillow covers too. One of the roses…Perfect. Mother’s Day is coming!

What’s Up?

California 1989, San Francisco. 4 Non Blondes. Only active between 89 and 94. Bet you know this song though. What’s Up? I heard it the other day and thought it a great prelude to a great summer 2019!

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