Last week, we shot some new photos. That is, Brad Stanton shot some new photos for publicity. This is one. It was fun not being behind the camera because I got to choose pretty things and set up the various shots. The tallow berries were beautiful – ironically white like the snow we haven’t had here in Connecticut. Of all of them, this photo made me think of Spring, and shooting around outside.

Updating our yard and tending flowers were the inspiration for Paola Pillows. I really love spending time outside in the garden in the early morning and late afternoon light.

It takes lots of time after gardening to recreate the photos as pillows. Colors change so much in the printing process we use. The beauty of fiber reactive printing is in its permanence- colors are printed through the fibers so you can wash it like the cotton that it is. (No more disposable decorative pillows that get dull and dirty from use.) The vibrant results mimic the flower and sun themselves. That’s my goal after all- garden to couch. Naturally beautiful new plants and flowers you can enjoy all year long regardless of weather.

Here are some outdoor images you might enjoy. The colors and textures are tremendously inviting. Art in Nature. And from southern France, an intriguing outdoor installation by Spencer Byles.

And speaking of nature, let’s not forget the wildlife. Mockingbird, written and recorded by brother and sister team Inez and Charlie Foxx from Greensboro, North Carolina. Later sung by Aretha Franklin and Carly Simon with James Taylor. I think I like the original best. Besides, the visuals are not to be missed.



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