Spring Into Summer

…ouch, I’m pretty sure that’s been said before.

Spring is motoring ahead into summer- which officially starts June 21. Featured today is a new scarf I call Savannah-homage to a recent visit to that beautiful Georgian city. I was inspired by the city sidewalk grates. Beautiful and functional too. Beauty is something that’s too often lacking in our everyday lives.

The green image in the scarf background was literally taken from a photo like this one – a metal grid set into a city sidewalk.
Some of my favorite colors in Savannah- Green and orange!
We visit Savannah as often as we can. It’s the enclosed brick gardens and fountains that keep us going back. The historic center is a genuine walking treasure. Savannah was one of the few towns left standing during Sherman’s “march to the sea” in the Civil War- preserved and gifted to Abraham Lincoln in 1864.

Mulch is in.

Three yards of mulch arrived this week. These last many days I’ve been doing azalea bloom prep work like pruning and checking for winter damage. That includes placing Hollytone, cultivating winter-hardened soil and watering to soak it in. Weeding the gravel paths and ponding down winter loosened metal edging is an annual treat. So, onto mulch- the last big seasonal chore. I always try get the dark sweet peat down for bloom time – very important window dressing for the beds. This year, I’ve been plotting protection against the deer that dined on all the Hosta plants last year. I’ve sprayed once so far. Larry is hard at work on the outdoor camera so we can see where they’re coming from. Fencing WILL be erected.

I’m very protective of my green garden residents. This year, I was struck how they all faithfully appear at the start of growing season, as if by magic. Yes, I rush around doing all the incidentals, but the bones are there. I’m especially proud of the boxwoods- that have been babied the last couple years- covered and sprayed to protect from cold and disease.

We planted 11 boxwoods the summer of 2016- a centerpiece for the new garden. I’ve never been a fan of tightly manicured bushes so they’ve been largely left to their own devices. I noticed they’d become somewhat unruly so I read up on them and started pruning very early Spring -somewhat cautiously-working close, stepping back, studying individual bushes in relation to the whole. Look at them now! All grown up on top- mere babies at bottom in 2016.

It’s Fair Time!

We just bought a brand new enclosed tent that we’re getting ready for our first fair 2023- Lenox- for two days. Sure would like to see familiar faces there
New scarf, new look too..I like it. It fits with certain non-floral tastes. “ Brass Ring.” It’s a very versatile design- goes with everything!
I was poised to return Buddha to his outside garden perch when I discovered a blemish on his arm, and some peeling finish. Many days later, deep excavation, styrofoam and wood fill…I’ve just applied my new favorite stain, Varathane’s Cabernet. Next phase includes several layers of spar to ready him for summer vacation. Serenity soon…

Music -Always.

I’ve been listening to music a lot as I work on Buddha and in the garden. This song came up the other day. The paring surprised me- interesting duo. The album is a collection of Ray Charles duets with other notables. Lately, I’ve been hearing musicians for whom I’d almost consider buying an album. Surprising thought. Buying an album in the days of streaming.

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