The “robbing” robins are back. Spring is just about here. The large robin I spied out the kitchen door was busily gathering up detritus for its new nest. When it landed on top of the bamboo fence I knew where it was headed -to the front door light sconce- a favorite spot. Four times we’ve now cleared and hidden the nest supplies. Wait, is it possible we could use these guys to clean the garden?


Our annual race to clear out the nests before the robins lay eggs!

I was just about to put some new plants in the ground and decided to wait. I considered that we could still frost. For those of us in Zone 5, it’s best to wait until May 10. From now until then you’re flirting with another taste of cold that tender plants might not like. Why play around? Look your own frost safe times up here.


The scarves are a lovely permanent print chiffon and measure 17″ x 70″ long- perfect for a spring/summer wrap.

Some new designs, chiffon scarves and my close-out on the original pillow designs, will be appearing at the gala Spring festival at the Bruce Museum, May 19 and 20. We’ll be having a show special. You can reach out here if you can’t make it but would like to buy some pillows. You can see the ten current pillow designs here. We’re still sewing the scarves but can take orders!

I recently discovered this lovely song by Johnny Cash. A good reflection for a busy season. And awesome black and white photography. Wayfaring StrangerSpring

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