Today was Ash Wednesday- the first day of Lent. The word “Lent” comes from the Middle English word ‘lenten” meaning Springtime.  These flowers were blooming in my Connecticut garden at the end of last Spring. Poppy

Do they make you feel warmer? Yes!

Like many people in the NE, we’ve been inside a lot. The wood stove’s been acting up so we shut it down until we can get it looked at -which means no more wood gathering. (Not all bad..) The stove guy is busy rescuing people with no other heat source (we have oil back-up) whose pipes have frozen. We’re not complaining…. Gazing at Paola Pillows can also warm you…

Red Rose

In between grooming and selling pillows, I’m plotting opportunities for shooting new flower photos in 2015- which means new flowers! I’m starting my first dahlia garden so I’m definitely taking a course from the local dahlia guru at White Flower Farm (in Morris) in April. I reserved my first dahlia tubers last summer from Amanda’s farm in Cornwall -AMAZING plants.

So, yesterday was Mardi Gras. Parties, costumes, music and dancing. I love West Coast Swing. I’ve tried, never mastered it. Not even close.

I’ve pasted in some wild clips of people dancing their hearts out. Hope you like!

Crazy elegant- I dig the clothes too!

Just plain crazy:

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