April is the name I gave to my new Paola scarf. Early spring after all brings narcissus, daffodils and early baby sedum greens.  Love the softness of color this time of year.  

These days, most of my time is spent in the garden -from weeding to watering to pruning and mulching. Today, I bought some bone meal to supplement a stubborn rhododendron that refuses to flower. I pruned the plant carefully, applied the bone meal around its base and layered on some compost bought expressly to hold it close around the roots. The plant sits on a steep hill and I didn’t want to worry that all the nutrients might flow downhill, right…Dorothy?

It rained again this afternoon but I’m not complaining! Now that the azaleas have passed there’s a lot of green growing out there. But, it’s new green, and buds a plenty. Like the allium I planted last fall.

Can’t wait to see the allium bloom

The peonies are all budded up. I’ve staked and watered them since they appeared. Yesterday morning I snipped smaller buds that were drawing life from the larger ones. Over the years, Cricket Hill Nursery has sold me a good number of their special plants. Please go this season if you haven’t. It’s magical. Also known as “Peony Heaven.” You’ll see what I mean. OMG.

Then, there’s the rain we got this afternoon- distressing for many, lovely for gardeners- especially as I cut off and trashed the latest azalea leaf galls-the downside of copious rain. I almost ( not really) prefer to being eaten alive by mosquitoes during essential late day watering. Anybody else getting eaten alive this year?

Buddha turns positively serene when donning a new Paola scarf- called April

Dave Brubeck is a jazz classic, like peonies and roses. Here is an original recording of “Take Five” written by the ultimate composer/sax player Paul Desmond. 

And here comes summer! Nothing like a scarf to accent a stripped down wardrobe.

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