Summer is in full swing and the orange daisies and yellow day lilies are a welcome addition to dense green foliage. I especially like this one that  newly opened, looks like powered sugar is sprinkled across its petals. If I was a bee, I’m sure I’d have lunch there.


Classic & Woodland

Of course, the weeds are out in full force. The gravel drive is threatening to grow a new crop of grass and…the lily leaf beetles are back en masse. I’m resorting to picking them off by hand, but not until after they’ve decimated the hybrid lilies. I think I’ll be replacing those flowers next year. I totally get the “native plant thing.” The lilies are powerless in the face of that awful bug. This time of the season, I begin to prefer nature printed on the soft cotton sateen surface of Paola Pillows- no weeding, no pruning, no watering, no bugs!

I’m craving an old summer stand-by tonight. John Fogarty is one of those guys, like Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen and select others that somehow take over whole crowds in a giant venue. It’s as if they become larger than life. But then maybe Austin City Limits brings that out in people.

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