In the northeast this time of year, it’s easy to fantasize about bright colors and blessed memories of summertime. Let’s indulge! The first white phlox of the garden are in bloom. And…paper whites are on the ascendancy. I’m not quite there.

Some people take off for a warmer climate this time of year. What are the other options? Well, this artist thrills to the creation of sunny images with power to transport the imagination.

summertime in winter
See the left to right orientation beginning with a green lily pad, morphing into a delicate blue pattern.

This was a busy week for Paola Prints. We’re getting a print order ready for two new designs and have almost finished a third. The Blues and Sheer Escapism are being uploaded tomorrow for print. Happily, two are already sold. Sheer Escapism and Caroline owe the origin of their surface design to the humble lily pad.

summertime in winter
The Blues
summertime in winter
Mardi Gras

Several viewers, on seeing Mardi Gras, requested a more modest print using the blue background. Voila! Caroline-I love it. What do you think?

Check back on our scarf page soon and we’ll be selling these along with other favorites to brighten any day.

summertime in winter
Monsieur Perine- Best New Latin Artist award in 2015.

Monsieur Perine– A fresh new sound from Columbia- founded in 2008, embracing Afro-Colombian and New York style salsa backed with 1920s, guitar driven jazz. A wonderful mouthful.

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