It’s August 13 and we’re in the throes of summer heat in Litchfield, CT. Our summer vacation is underway. Somehow, major excavation on the front “lawn” hasn’t made it any cooler. Time for a new garden.


Photoshop has been an essential partner. After measuring outside, I needed to make sure the design would work with the yet unassigned fence and path dimensions. You can see the puddling that led to additional drainage after this photo.


The black arrows illustrate the new underground drainage. They tie into the existing drain ( red dashed lines) that we finished last year at the foot of the hill. The rainwater obediently raced to the garden back and out to the side yard. Mission realized!

The weather has been great for testing drainage efficiency- hot and dry work days followed up by brief torrential downpour that allows an essential visual of drainage remediation. Pretty miserable for those working outside. First the layout, then the earth moving and some planting. I was pressed to work fast enough to keep things done once. So far so good.


We expanded the bed around the statue to finish off the new patio, gravel long around it ad burying a run off pipe at the house corner. 

The yard has been a work in progress since we bought the house. Much has been done inside and out but the front yard has defied completion- mainly because of drainage issues. The property was excavated years ago to build the house, which meant that there was little charm left at the front. While other gardens have sprang up here and there (to provide photos for Paola Pillows) the front yard annually escaped us. Nothing much to do until we could dry it out. Why not plan in new flower beds? Our mahogany serenity statue is ecstatic. He is finally surrounded by a full collection of plants. His smile grows broader by the day.


Yup, we’re going with the tan medley on the left for the finish gravel in the walks. And black metal edging to retain it.

Terry from TMC Excavating is a hero. This artist can’t get enough flowers.    Although our house is no doubt a smaller job, Terry has been stellar. Based in Washington CT, Terry and crew have been incredible in helping a picky artist realize her dream garden. From planning, to execution to details- Terry has answered every concern- with care and skill. Edging, boulders and gravel fill- things to discuss and select, after Terry’s expertise assured us how best to grade the overall area – no small feat. The final planting area measures about 45 x 25 feet. Tomorrow morning, metal edging is up for selection.

 I’m still far from testing new designs for fall product. We do have some wonderful new pillows to bring out- including Merlot below. Details are important for looks and for lasting pleasure. See our  existing line here.


If you’re considering a real excursion or even just a fantasy exploration, check this out. If you’re thinking of traveling outside the US, why not Vancouver? Off Grid- Vancouver Style. My favorite part? Fishing from the living room!

And to encourage the undecided.. there’s always the music of Norah Jones.

Norah Jones-Come Away with Me.

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