Today was tag sale day. Chaos reigned for a few days leading up to it. When we merged homes in 2009, we couldn’t see our way to getting rid of all the extras. We moved most of it into a storage unit the next town over. It was time- and as the Alfa went off to the garage, we finally put a good dent in the storage collection.

Brother. What a mess of stuff. And yet. It already feels like a relief. This photo is end of day (Day 1 of 2), and we still have stuff for tomorrow. TagsaleWe really enjoyed talking with people; I think some just come for the conversation, and those that don’t, are easily drawn in. Cookies and iced tea helps. It was fun- Getting outside of your own world for a spell is a good thing and more… we made money.

End of day I came in and discovered that a boatload of newly printed fabric had arrived from the printer- for new pillows covers. It was the first time in a long time I’d tried some new designs; we’ve been pushing hard perfecting colors on standing designs. It’s ALWAYS fun to get back new printing but it can get tiresome if you’re not working though some  new ideas. The photo today is a tribute to sunflowers and a new take on one for a black and white pillow. I really liked the black and white fabric I saw today. It’s part of a new direction -neutralizing some of the brighter hues.

In that light..I had a request from my husband for the Beatles. He felt I was unusually hard on the lily leaf beetles in my last post. Hah! I like the Beatles. Lily-leaf beetles are entirely another story-as any gardener knows. This one’s for you, Larry.

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