I don’t know about you but I’m an eternal optimist. Sometimes, for no good reason optimists take chances. Because we fall in love. With someone, some thing, some idea, some color!

I named this pillow “ La Violetta”. She required an Italian name she’s so full of drama. (I can say that because I’m half Italian). The really cool thing about La Violetta- other than her plump soft self is that she’s beautiful on every side. Upside down and backwards too. Thought you’d like to see that. She’s a real throw pillow. Not all throw pillows are lovely all over. In fact most are not!

Jane Monheit is from Long Island and graduated from the Manhattan School of Music. Her song reminds me of La Violetta. Lovely. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKWcJnvqOMs

If you like the music, you’ll enjoy listening to my friend Joel Benson on his show “Unhinged” – Thursdays, 12-2pm- streaming on http://www.wapjfm.com/listen WAPJ 89.9 FM, a Torrington CT, community-supported radio station.

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