We’ve now had a couple hard frosts. Everybody knows the first step before that happens is to bring tender plants in before lingering flowers die or worse. House plants on vacation outside can pass away in sudden overnight shock. It’s so easy to do, but this year, all my plants escaped with their lives.


I bought a small metal stand this year for the foyer to help shelter plants that hope to see another Spring.


Garden disorder at its best.

Time to get the gladiolas out…and the Spring/Summer bulbs in. I’m not really looking for aesthetics this time of year. I remind myself that the clean-up is a preliminary one anyway, to first clear leaves from garden beds I pre-identified as bulb destinations.  I like to think that the more chaos there is, the more exciting and beautiful it is in this time of transition. Really!


I’m starting once again to appreciate the clearing out of the entrance. Think it will stop raining long enough to stain the decks?


Removing the grasses for planting on the hill. Sometimes, planters like our English urn with a top, look special in winter too.

The bulbs are here.

There’s no question that locally grown plants thrive where they were raised. You have to learn over time which companies sell healthy bulbs because most are imported. I planted small white Silver Bells and hosta plants around the magnolia on the hill. The hostas were local and the Silver Bells were imported by John Scheepers, a bulb importer located  in Bantam, next to Litchfield. They have consistently outstanding products.


Louvre is an iridescent Chinese Pink fringed tulip with a scarlet throat. Louvre looks stunning in photo. I paired them with a mix of scarlet and white tulips edged with purple. Can’t wait!


Silver Bells high on the hill in the new rock garden.









Green Wave Parrot Tulips- Found them at Holland Bulb

Hill Update

Our garden is well shaded, the fact that we’re going to lose the large Maple on the hill is an area I’ll replace with decorative bushes and perennials. Don’t need any more shade! Happily, the hill has become a new home for two of the grasses we planted in large decorative pots this summer.

We’re excited to have four new scarves ready to order for holiday gift giving. Frosty, is a beautiful arrangement of pink/orange poinsettias, white roses, red berries and lovely green pine needles. If you’d like one, don’t wait! These are made to order and hand sewn. I need almost four weeks to get it to you. Order by November 16, at noon so I can have it to you by December 25th.


Digging in unforgiving rocky, Connecticut soil with embedded tree roots takes balance and perseverance, along with a little soil augmentation!


Bridget is shown here wearing Frosty, which has a sister version, Tangerine.

How can a poor man stand such times and live?

Ry Cooder– an American singer, writer, instrumentalist, from his 1974 album Paradise & Lunch. Courage. Perseverance. Vigilance. America has done it before. Time to stand up again, people. Bring a friend and VOTE this November. We can do it together!


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