Did you ever hear someone say, “Wow, your art is so great, you should sell it.. people will be crazy about it. Some say, “Be smart and for sure, don’t leave your day job!”

You also hear, “follow your passion and never give up on the hope, excitement and return, that doing something you love brings. You better have a LOT of energy. I have more than most and I get tired. At the end of the day though, I still love my work and want to share it with the world. As a very practical matter, business requires planning, dogged determination and slogging on even when you might not see anything happening for days at a time. That’s just life.

Paola Pillows are in Greenville, South Carolina as part of an event called Fashion on the Town, this Wednesday and Thursday, October 22 and 23.  Amy Emery, a Greenville interior decorator is part of a tiny village of a pop up shops at United Community Bank at 1400 Augusta Road. We shipped out a bunch of pillows a last week so she’ll have plenty of pillows on hand.

There’s great food too, (from the Lazy Goat, a fab downtown eatery) drinks and music to entertain shoppers. Fashion on the Town, is in its fifth year and takes you through the town of Greenville from clothing store to clothing store. Got a distance to cover? Hail a complementary Infiniti and it’ll take you where you want to go. The event is free. You can enter to win prizes, like a free e-design from Amy for a room in your house that needs attention. Stop by if you’re in the Greenville area, would like to experience our pillows firsthand and are ready for a night out.


An Autumn hosta leaf in training to become a pillow.

You can always see the new Paola line here. We’re also wholesaling.

And if you’re not traveling south, New England has lots to offer. Yes,we already had our first snow, but fall isn’t over yet!

Here’s a few ideas:

New England road trips

How about The Connecticut Wine Trail?

Or from your home… northwest corner scenery plus a great voice-Katherine McPhee and West Cornwall Covered Bridge




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