The Circle Game.

We all know it. You can feel it. Fall. The circle of seasons continues. But doesn’t it feel like it got cool all of a sudden???

A few days ago I brought in some plants that I’d put out for the summer-just to be safe. I left one out because it hasn’t been doing well and I was secretly planning to let it go to compost. This morning it was mildly blackened from a light frost. On October 6! I just read that in Connecticut the risk of frost is from October 5 through May 10. By October 15, it’s a definite. Right on the money, Dave. Find out when your date is. Bring in those plants! 

My new little hibiscus tree has yellow leaves and dying buds. I have to assume it’s the cold, however I photographed it and will send it off to the seller to alert them of its struggles (grr). We’ll see. The truth is we are never 100% in control over Mother Nature. Patience is a virtue I am constantly in need of perfecting.

My two-year old white flowered hibiscus ( on the right), is demonstrating its health -a backdrop to a new Rose of Sharon ( photo left, on the right-pretty small too). Hmm. Mother Nature will tell us next spring if she’s willing to work with her. Several other plants in the area had to be relocated to give the new tree room. Here’s hoping.
Pruning happens different seasons depending on the plant. I pruned the miniature Korean lilac in Spring just after bloom (so as not to impact blooming next year). I pruned the boxwoods at about the same time. I prune the Dappled Willows late summer or very early Spring.

Transplanting is never-ending but is best done in fall. Especially as NEW plants are on sale! Golden Carpet, a preferred ground cover in my shade garden, is prolific by the end of summer. I have to cut back all the beds and then have a plethora of green to spread around. I’ve moved a bunch of Golden Carpet onto the island at the front of the garden- that continues to struggle, especially during this summer’s drought.

New Designs!

Rustica- A working title for one of the new small infinity scarves. Check out our scarves in stock!
In testing, a fab new Impressionist look sure to please -one of my treasured alliums on a small infinity scarf that will warm your heart!

The two-day fair in Simsbury was located on asphalt which meant we had tough ground to cover to make our space a little more cozy. Fortunately, I had a carpet from two years ago that cleaned up nicely. Tent sides for two-day fairs are challenging unless you have zippered sides. I hope to spring for that next year. It’s always a juggle financially because material desires can quickly obliterate any profit. Nothing new there!

Just made the new sale sign- yup, very late at night, Had to be fabric. I drew the line at embroidery. Pillows are selling well too! I’m thinking time of year.
Let’s be honest, we do these fairs for the social entertainment missed during hours of garden slogging and hair- pulling computer time. And Dorothy knows about hair- pulling garden labor too, she travels in from her private forest in Bethlehem.
Dorothy, Larry and Janet have been my fair heroes on many occasions and I love them dearly!

New Displays!

I finally bought a fab new chrome scarf display! I don’t have to use hangers and the base will hold it in position when we’re outdoors. We kept losing it this year, getting toppled twice until a neighbor took pity on me. The new small scarf display is a welcome addition to tabletop when I have limited space indoors.

The next fair is a first- time juried show I provide goods to. (artists are not allowed)! Nice, but lots of upfront coding and labelling required. November 19 and 20, from 10:00-4:00 pm. at Artsplace -1220 Waterbury Road in Cheshire.

I’m headed back to a favorite annual holiday fair at the Bristol Historical Society on Saturday,December 3, 2022.  More info to come. It’s a great event to get into the holiday season.

A Seasonal Serenade

Last but not least. Seasons and time passages. Doesn’t fall bring out the nostalgic in us all?? A favorite musician/singer, Joni Mitchell.

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