It’s great to be home in New England for fall. I’ve finally gotten outdoors to begin the tear down of frozen wilted plants. Lots left to do. I try never to rush this work because it’s a special time and like other things that require effort, you can easily grow to dislike them if you binge and try to do it all at once.


I love old roses almost as much as fresh young ones. Such intensity and texture.


Hostas -A shade gardener’s delight. From sprightly bud to perfectly wilted leaf.

I chose to feature a photo from summer in Northern California taken almost ten years ago wandering that countryside. It always reminds me of a happy time full of promise. I wouldn’t at all go back but it allows a moment of pleasure about our honeymoon. Fun!


Thanksgiving Cactus

As a gardener, I’ve always appreciated the seasons changes. I wait till the last moment to cut plants down- the benefit being that well frozen, wilted leaves offer little resistance.

The proliferation of blossoms on our white Christmas (Thanksgiving?) cactus were stupendous. Next year, (note to self) “Bring all such cacti outdoors to drink in sun and rain and jump start bud production.”


Bouquet, the NEWEST scarf design.

This week, I finally crushed design on my new rose scarf, I call her Bouquet. First one shown is SOLD. You have until November 16 to order a scarf for someone you love.

There are now fifteen designs. Don’t delay! These are all made to order and take time. Flowers from my gardens, sewing from my hands to yours. Bouquet is not yet posted but will be sometime next week (after I see her in print) before the order deadline.. Stay tuned.

The Avett Brothers- I like this song, it fits well with Autumn in New England and the quiet time of year. Always meant to be experienced with others and a warm fire close by. Live life to the fullest and don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today! No Hard Feelings.



An American Folk Rock Band from Concord, North Carolina, brothers Seth and Scott grew up in a musical family, with a combination of classical and contemporary influence. Today they write and perform acoustic music with stand- up bassist Bob Crawford and Joe Kwon, a versatile cellist and vocalist. They’re joined by a couple touring members too which makes for a good sound mix. You can read more about the brothers and tour here.

Rosa is a perfectly delightful, soft 18″ all cotton sateen pillow. Stuffed with hypoallergenic feather/down insert, it’s waiting for you on the couch! You can now buy covers or pillows with inserts direct from me. Email or text me for more info.

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