For fires, the spicy smell of wood smoke and plotting away the cold days of winter in anticipation of the holidays. I enjoy getting ready for a party almost as much as the event itself. Winter is way easier this side of the holidays than after them when it’s just cold, without the magic of whatever you’ve been sneaking around doing.

One exception would have to be living in our house after almost a year under construction. Even though we reveled in the process of grappling with interesting details, we liked getting to the other side even more.

We tore down a lot of interior walls that made choosing colors challenging. I wanted different colors in different spaces but since most areas were open to one another you had to consider them all together.

Then there was the matter of having a hunch about something and needing to keep my husband in the loop. In the end I created a “wall of progress” in the kitchen. I had a box of pastels with our chosen colors in it. As we’d consider layout and color updates, I’d draw them and we’d talk. Then I’d post it to the wall so we could consider it over time. As things changed, I’d take layouts down or update them with new overlays. Hey, it worked!Wall2

I found a great site to use if you’re anticipating color changes in your living space. You can upload a photo, choose colors and make changes to your heart’s content. It takes time but I think you’ll love what it can do for you. (I think Sherwin Williams has a great thing going). Try it! It’ll give you something to do in the dreary next half of winter…

For myself, I’m plotting my pillow launch and working on paper labels for their packaging. What do you think?LABEL_newgrn

Winter holidays always makes me think of jazz. I recommend a Gifford’s Martini and Michael Carvin. Before and after.




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