My hard drive crashed yesterday. Wallowing in the depths of despair is neither fun nor attractive so I try not to. Happily, I always work with a back-up drive. It was however, several hours of freak time before Apple Support walked me through the place I currently sit- in the middle of restoring a corrupt hard drive. It’s just before 9:00 pm and approximately 14 hours to go. Fingers crossed. Tomorrow is a new day, right?

Did you ever wonder how things always seem to work out on TV shows? By the end of an episode, everybody is home or happy at work. Couples are totally amused by each other and tres cute kids are just so.. cute.  Right. I’m ready for that show.

I took a ladder up the hill to just wipe off the top of the fence. And one little coat of brown paint ready to go. Whoa!

new day

OMG. What a mess on top of the 6′ high bamboo fence. Mother Nature in all her fury. Mold and lichen conspired to recapture the wood frame on top of the tidy bamboo. I thought I’d finished that side last week!

new day

                     Seventy two feet of brand clean board drying in the sun

Many hours of bleach and scrubbing later, I was finally ready to paint- another day.  Just a tip. Don’t use acrylic paint to seal outside wood products- especially if that wood lives under trees. It’s imperative you apply an insane petroleum product like the one I used on the bamboo (TWP Series 300) -or at LEAST an oil based paint with a little anti-fungal thrown in. It is a clean up nightmare but it will pay off.

Glen Campbell recently passed away from complications associated with Alzheimer’s. He was never a real favorite singer of mine, ( The musical genre as much as his delivery). On the occasion of his passing, I listened to an old interview in which he spoke about returning to studio recording sessions after he’d gotten famous. When asked why he did that, he said he missed the camaraderie of playing with other musicians. Companionship is something that musicians seem to “get.”  Generally speaking, it can’t be about the money. We could all learn from that.

Glen did have a beautiful voice. Gentle on My Mind.

Paola Pillows are always serenely beautiful. Any time of year- and no clean up. Even though they’re completely permanent and washable. Ah, bliss.
new day

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