A garden can bring truth to bear on everyday life, as hard as we might fight it. Right now, my garden is full of itself. Blooming and growing green like crazy. With all the activity out there, I’m still inclined to want more and more. What’s going to bloom next, what next do I need to plant, why are the azaleas not more full?

Just when I think I’ve conquered the restlessness, I’m driven to look for the next challenge. The bamboo and “Sunbaby” pillow image came to mind directly because my new sunflower plants recently started from seed, have just reached the tender height of eight inches. ( not even halfway there) Already, I’ve been thinking about a new scarf design based on some wonderful yellow sunflower images. The challenge is always how to “get back to now” and letting nature take charge.


When my son lived in California, the colors of plants were of the intensity that only 12 months of sun can bring. Somehow, I expect the same to always be true here, in Connecticut. Instant color like instant health, is also partly baked into American culture, often driving one to ridiculous expectations.


Sick bay in the garden… the almost dead cactus that had lost the will to live in the house, has once again found life outside. The half- eaten hosta plant is growing at a fierce pace as if to tell me to back off. AND, the Beautyberry bush I’ve been so ready to yank is sprouting green!

Each time a plant turns its life around-contrary to what I might believe to be the case, I’m forced to face the facts that things take time, and all is not what I might think it is. I owe that to a garden’s wisdom, as Mother Nature demands time and space. It’s never quite up to me.


Our valiant little lilac is in full bloom for Memorial Day. Such a pleasure to see.

 So, every time trouble comes calling in the form of rushing through experiences you might want to savor, consider the possibility that beauty- out- of doors and even good music offer an opportunity to slow down just a little and enjoy life  more.

Shiny Ribs appears to enjoy performing a lot. I enjoy the show every time I see it. What do you think? Trouble, Trouble. From Austin,Texas.

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Rosa at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, CT

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