Today’s image is all about GREEN-It’s been snowing for days in New England. The world outside is white. Then I remembered…it’s Valentine’s! Like many other holidays, Valentine’s has its roots in ancient times. Depending on how far back you go, the historical event looked nothing like today. In fact, pretty much any woman who learned what the ancient Romans might have expected of her (a public whipping naked in order  to increase fertility and desirability) would not only ditch the chocolates but the men as well. What were they THINKING?

But that’s the thing. They weren’t. As with other modern events, today, Valentine’s Day is not so much about thinking, as it is about belonging, passion and romance.  We each reach for a special, personal feeling and then maybe share it with someone else.

Each blog post, I add music because for me, a good time has often included music to lift the spirits and leave the everyday behind. In honor of St. Valentine’s I’ve chosen three different songs- two from the Motown era- each a different tempo.

The Contours-Do You Love Me? I love the dancing as much as the tunes.

The Temptations, singing –My Girl

And lastly, a contemporary piece-Seriously written by Sara Beth Bareilles and sung by Leslie Odom, Jr. It’s my hope that at the end of this period of terrible divisiveness, we can reach for love and kindness-and learn to trust again.

I’ve always been a reader. As a child, sometimes I managed life in a large family by escaping into books. One of my most favorite genres was fairy tales. I read them ALL. I’ve found one for you- a sort of Valentine’s escape. Far from the maddening crowd, in another time and space entirely. The Three Feathers.

Feathers? As in naturally soft,white down and feathers in Paola Pillows at PaolaStudio on Etsy 

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