Valentine’s Day 2024

Valentine’s Day has always been a high holy day for me. For some reason, I’ve looked forward to it since I was a child, buying all kinds of cards and annually baking all kinds of red desserts for my kids. So, of course, I chose red roses for my new crepe de chine shawl-26” x72”. Carmen is a sultry wrap for an evening out. I have one in stock.

Red happens to be my favorite color. What’s yours? People say your chosen color paints a certain picture of the person behind the color. I agree with SOME of it.Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show love. It should begin with how you love yourself- always a good place to start per Oprah.Love for another person, your special pet, things, life in general. It’s funny how tokens of our love have been so reduced to buying chocolates, lingerie, roses, jewelry, or a night out. How do I choose this year? I’m not sure…

I’ve captured some links to share as you ponder the question this year.

I always find something new in reading about the History of Valentine’s Day. What are your Valentine traditions? When we redid our home we gravitated to a retro look in colors and style. We chose stainless for our appliances. I’m not sure I would do that next time. Keeping them clean is a bear. How about a stand out color on your refrigerator? 

If I were so lucky as to have a pied-à-terre in the city, this would definitely be a strong contender for the kitchen.

Why not pick red to warm a few rooms? Red will do it. Architectural Digest is always a great source of inspiration for me. At the end of this year’s Valentine’s I hope we can come a little closer to loving the person we are and finding new ways to share that with others. That’s my plan!

It’s Almost Pruning Time Again!

Before I forget. Believe it or not. It’s just about time to prune -late winter. Bushes and trees like standard hibiscus, hydrangea,( prune back stems just above a fat bud) boxwoods ( wait just until the threat of snow is past in order to get it done just before spring flush.) Beautyberry bushes (down to the ground) and some of my fastest growers-the Japanese Willows. Pruning timing is important to consider in order to get the best color.

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  1. Kathy Daniel

    Beautyberry Is a native shrub! Purple is my favorite color, so I have planted several. I didn’t know that I could cut them to the ground, so I did some research. This is what I learned:

    “Like any other native plant, the beautyberry requires minimum maintenance and less water than many other ornamental shrub or plant. Pruning should be done ONLY in late winter and early spring.

    There are two (2) pruning methods. The easiest is to cut the plant back to within 6 inches of the ground. It will grow back with a neat, rounded shape. This will keep the plant small and compact in size. Beautyberry doesn’t need to be pruned every year if you use this method.

    The other way is to remove one-quarter to one-third of the oldest branches closest to the ground every year. If you go with this method the shrub will be taller growing to 8 ft or more in height and you will then completely renew the plant using the other method of cutting to the ground every 4 or 5 years.”

    I am going to try both methods.

    PS I LOVE the new cockatiel shawl!

    • Kathy! You never disappoint. I’m thrilled to feed the birds with its berries. I love my beautyberry but it’s gotten a tad out of control. Chop chop coming soon! Do you have some.

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