Have you noticed? It’s hotter and wetter in warm weather, and less cold in winter. Still, every gardener welcomes rain as an alternative to being eaten by mosquitoes when you’re trying to water thirsty plants. And it’s wonderful to look out at the lush greens, especially as the lilies haven’t quite burst into bloom yet.

It’s an almost-water feature!

I adore my new water hyacinths that live in a small metal pot embedded in one of the flower beds. And you don’t have to water. What a concept. Water plants are new to me and I find the leaves with their built- in inner tubes holding the flowers above water very cool. Next year…MORE!

The peonies are doing their best with endless rain and besides isn’t water a wonderful addition to a frilly flower?

Climate change in Connecticut has led to shorter winters, longer and more intense heat waves, rising sea level, and bigger rain storms. While we’re fortunate not to be privy to really big storms, the amount of rainfall is grown immensely even in the last five years. Sound familiar? I’d been lamenting the onslaught of slugs and leaf gall on the plants and mold growing on roof and decks. However, in seeking gardening solutions, our local nursery clued me into the fact that this is the new normal. No fungicide needed just manage the plant- pick off the galls carefully, fertilize and prune as required.

It’s amazing to me how an allium with masses of tiny little florets, captures water and holds it close as if designed to treasure each drop. It is.
Super Trees Sky Walk at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. I saw some of these trees years ago at the John Paul Getty Museum above LA, so if you can’t get to Singapore try the Getty. It’s worth the trip for many reasons. Gorgeous antidote for the city below.

If you can’t beat the rain, embrace it.

I loved this video of the enclosed Cloud Forest in Singapore. It’s part of part of a huge nature park made from reclaimed land in central Singapore next to the Marina Reservoir. Mist is generated from overhead bridges to simulate rain forest conditions. An overview of Singapore.

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