Everybody knows that winter is here and yet, in Connecticut, we’re not seeing too much snow on the ground. I’m not complaining- it’s just a reminder. Winter blues are on the runway, waiting until holiday excuses have melted away. Are you ready to face that time?

I’m being proactive this year. Winter Blues, a new Paola scarf under construction, is my way of engaging intense color this time of year. It’s imbued with power to lift spirits as we head into the New Year. What are you doing?

Color in Winter

Many of us add red berries to evergreen for indoor and outdoor holiday color. This coming growing season, why not consider adding a plant or two for color so you don’t have to start shopping for it late fall/early winter. For example..

This article on small gardens in the Georgetown area of DC resonated with me as I spent my childhood and teen years there. The small lush garden scene is very familiar. Each year I try to add to the garden by augmenting the plant selection, colors and bloom times for all year enjoyment. Garden Design is a great resource for different planting ideas.


We had great fun sewing and shipping out scarves this year. We did a couple shows. Had great success selling online and by word of mouth. I’m grateful to all those who bought and hope they get many years of happiness wearing them.

Nothing like picking out and cutting down a live tree with family. We had so much fun I decorated cookies to match and hope to continue the tradition next year too.
We decided on blue lights too! Don’t you love them?
Watercolor and many other Paola scarf designs are looking for a home. Each more beautiful than the next. Did you forget somebody this year? We ship anywhere in the contiguous US.

What is it about Jazz and holiday music?  There’s nothing better than Yo-Yo Ma playing with Diana Krall. Couldn’t Be Cuter

Looking for a bright way to perk up the house this winter? Paola Pillows are in stock, ready to ship and SOOO soft.


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