I was feeling flush about time, indulging in the post -holiday, northeastern “snow bomb” slow down, until I remembered something about starting hybrid lily seeds in early fall. Yikes, am I already too late? Enter the winter gardener…

This is a job for tomorrow once I’ve scouted out the supplies. Did you know you could start new lilies from hybrid lily seeds? I know it’s not rocket science but this was the first year, I didn’t cut off the pods. I dried them, and read up on the process.

Each year, I’ve bought a couple unusual daylily hybrids from local growers. (Especially after boycotting the incredibly scented Oriental hybrids that introduced the scourge of the dread lily leaf beetles to our gardens). I’m still ridding the land of them, five years later.

TODAY is the Feast of St. Nicholas

I’d be remiss not to mention that some cultures remember January 6 as the Feast of (the original) St. Nicholas. It brings back wonderful childhood memories of fairytales and holidays in my home. It’s a great tale to remember and celebrate with children too as it brings a focus to doing good things for others. We all try our hand at that, don’t you?

Gardeners Who Plot

Winter is also a time when gardeners plot. And plotting includes planning new gardens to visit in summer for inspiration. Not that our formal garden is begun and winter’s here, I can see more evidence of places that need landscape art that persists into the snow times. Don’t you? I found a link to this great garden in Maine. Looks like a must visit for all who enjoy the out-of-doors.

Hanging indoors during inclement weather is a fab pastime people re-discover in New England in a snowstorm. I recommend several Paola Pillows to snuggle with. Feather down is the fill of choice -especially in winter. Soft, warm, heavenly!

winter gardener

The Perfect partner for a winter gardener

See all ten designs. You can buy Paola Pillows here.

Keep plotting ahead for your summer garden plans and road trips. Warm weather is just around the corner. Words of wisdom embraced by the legendary Aretha Franklin in 1964 hold true today- in so many ways. It Won’t Be Long.






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