We found Jack in Savannah a few years ago just about this time. He was buried in the basement of a familiar antique haunt. He caught our eye because he was alone. How many fu dogs have you seen without a partner? Few fu. Because they’re generally conceived in pairs. We brought him home and welcomed him into the family. Today, it was just too cold for me to pose outdoors in a hat. Then there was Jack.

For years, my mother dutifully attired myself and my six sisters in thin dresses and flowered bonnets for Easter Sunday. It was almost always too cold for Spring attire. But how could one pass up all the finery?

Easter Bonnets
Clearly, Jack‘s not made of flesh and blood. He’s still a member of our household, one who has his place, his rug, and at different times of year, a costume!

New York City’s Parade

Easter Bonnets
Photo of Easter Bonnet, New York City © Michael Fleshman

Speaking of costumes this is not your ordinary parade. We just missed it! However, there’s an Easter bonnet competition coming up too-the 27th annual competition, this year, on April 22 and 23 featuring Broadway, Off Broadway and touring companies with skits, songs and dances.

Back in Litchfield, CT

I’m just now taking inventory outdoors of what’s ahead for Spring clean-up. A whole lot of trimming back dead grasses, raking and mulching.

Easter Bonnets
This is the same angle of the formal garden from Spring 2018. I’m not sure you can see the stained pedestal in the very first photo above- that I took today. There’s a lot of maintenance before one can even think of plotting new stuff. I only hope I can get maintenance done quickly as one doesn’t want to tromp on tender shoots. Such an exciting time as plants and flowers reappear!

Simsbury Flea and Smorgasbord

Come see Paolaprints in Simsbury this year, April 27, 9-5:00 pm. I’m making a bunch of scarves ahead in preparation for the show, which means I have many in stock. You too, could decorate your Easter bonnet with flowers. You can hold them in your hands within three days of your order. Text me -203-206-5819) if you see one you’d like. Or, one you’d like to gift!

Caroline- ready for travel now.
Easter Bonnets
Ariel, (formerly Promise) a stunning reminder of ocean and landed beauty.
Easter Bonnets
Mardi Gras is bursting with Tulips, Roses and Narcissus
Easter Bonnets
Minted Glory

Musicians, like visual artists often come in from the cold, striving to find their voice. Tracy Chapman, born 1964, inspired by her mother, started playing ukulele, untrained, at age three. Years later, she’s an award- winning artist from Ohio. Give me one reason.

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