Let the Show Begin!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Did you know the shamrock was considered a sacred plant in ancient Ireland? It symbolized the rebirth of spring. 

Today, it feels like we’re well underway to remedy the slow snow season. I just went out midday to liberate the boxwoods and azaleas. We lost one juniper that was uprooted by the weight. But we still have power in Litchfield!

This week was my first sales event for 2023. It was a single person trunk show at a very well appointed life care facility in Bloomfield, Connecticut- Duncaster. Lovely people, enjoyable time. I enjoyed sitting with my friend Janet, a recurring partner, who makes for a very pleasant few hours. Equally pleasant, sales were hotter than my Christmas event. We shall do it again! 

I brought three new scarves to the show that I just finished. One sold immediately,(Popsicle on the left) A second (Seattle) sold soon after. Star Sapphire, on the right is available now! Good to know we’re right on track for the Spring season.
One of the best parts of the sale was no tent to lug around and set up! I’m currently looking for a new tent but what a headache…! I do love our new scarf display- it’s weighted too so no falling over allowed. Ah, the little things.

The Guardians of Early Spring- Skunk Cabbage

Not to be confused with the cabbage of March 17th, it seemed appropriate to note that this plant hosts one of the first spring flowers. I saw one rearing its head last week.  If you have a lot of marshy areas as we do, you may be surrounded by skunk cabbage– a most interesting host of new life. 

Call it a Loan– a song about waking up in love- Jackson Browne and David Lindley. David passed in March. He was a cousin to Linda Ronstadt and an incredibly accomplished multi- instrumentalists. He also toured frequently with Browne. It’s a pleasure to watch these two men play together. More about David.

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