In the cold white of winter, I sometimes morph into a night owl. Recently, my excuse to roam in the wee hours was to indulge in some new lavender chamomile tea. The next night it was organic peppermint. Who needs sleep when you can sip hot tea and listen to the warm hum of a pellet stove? One may have to purchase a vial of oil to expand the lavender experience.

Inside and Out
Enjoying the warmth of a blue light snake on my fuzzy cactus against a cold New England backdrop

Case Study Architect Whitney R. Smith’s permanent home in Pasadena

Indoor spaces framed by the lush outdoors. Be sure to scroll or swipe to see all the photos of this fabulous living experience-harmony with nature inside and out. 

Whitney Smith lived an enviable life pursuing architectural design one might only fantasize about. “Smith joined a group of L.A. architects and designers to participate in the now-famous Case Study Houses program. Participants in the program were tasked with designing affordable and functional homes for the average middle-class family, resulting in several design innovations that would become the norm in popular modernist housing, such as open floor plans and the integration of indoor-outdoor living. ”

So, here we are in Connecticut appreciating the warmer climate and considering how best to enjoy the last dark cold days winter…

I have an idea! I just removed everything off the walls of our guest room ( with help) and am planning wall repair for this week. Got any projects to finish up before the snow melts? I do!

Headed to the hardware tomorrow for spackle

Scarf and Pillow Sale- February Only!

Two fab chiffon scarves in stock and ready to travel. See all our sale scarves here

Pillow covers on sale too. Help me do early spring cleaning!

Our lovely green Palma has your name on it. All organic cotton sateen and washable too!

I’m a firm believer in music to banish all ills. If you still lack the inclination to party as we march to the end of a COVID winter…try Warren Zevon on for size. Maybe howl at the moon next time you can’t sleep!

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