See the White Feather Hosta I bought a few years ago. I’ve moved it several times as it failed to thrive. I was so committed to having such an exotic looking hosta, I never gave up. This Spring it re-appeared and I waited to see if once again it might wilt and turn green but guess what? It’s happy and growing this year. Nestled into some dark green and rock neighbors, it really gets to strut its stuff. New garden memories being made.

My mother died May 14, in the midst of the COVID 19 outbreak but not from it. She was 94, and had a well lived life.  She went out basking in the love and care of family to enjoy life ever after and pain free. I believe that. 

My awesome mother with a couple of her eleven children. She was the quintessential mother, who used a rocker like none other and will be forever missed for the lovely person she was. 

As I got up Memorial Day 2020, feeling not terribly celebratory, I recognized that too often we fail to take stock in what we have until it’s gone. Making memories takes work. The white feather hosta looks so good, I may try with another plant, in Fall 2020.

I’ve grown to appreciate life in the garden that comes from things that don’t bear flowers.  Take Mona for example.

Mona Lisa is a rescue from a local auction house where she’d been left in a restroom where I discovered her watching me. A forever home was in order. She’s still looking for her place but is currently trying out a lily patch. Mona is short for Mona Lisa. Her creator gave her eyes that follow you.

Where has Serenity gone?

On the left is a gutted hand that looks.. biblical. This hand rests on the thigh and had been joined by a screw through. I may fill and glue it once we evaluate reassembly. Through it all, I take comfort seeing that Serenity reigns in his facial expression.

Serenity is absent from his stone garden perch. This is the year for some total plastic encasing. No more Mrs. Nice Artist. Today, Serenity sits in the barn, hardening from his latest treatment for dry rot. Waiting for Bondo- only because Amazon delivery has fallen for the rampant delivery pandemic. We wait. In this case, when the Bondo arrives Serenity will be filled, sanded, stained and finished off.  Maybe restored to his outdoor throne, maybe not till next year. 

MAYBE, I’ll bring him inside this fall for a holiday party. The point is, life surely goes on, let’s enjoy it and not lose touch with process as the way to getting to something better. Give your LIFE time to be enjoyed.

Each day, I try to complete another scarf update for the web. All the fairs are on hold. My ticket to moving any product this season will be online and through networking. I have a bunch of chiffon, some cotton gauze and a couple all cotton infinity scarves. All they require is a phone call, text or email. To me! If you’re so inclined, support a local artist, forward my site to someone you know! And SHIPPING is free for a limited time… if you ask when you order.

Boxwood Alert

In case you think I’m slacking on the garden job. The eleven boxwoods in the garden center are the single greatest investment in the garden, save the drainage and azalea hill. I sent leaf samples out and the verdict is back.

Fearing a dread plant disease like Boxwood Leafminer?? Contact the Plant Disease Information Office Dept. of Plant Pathology and Ecology. The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station in New Haven, CT Website Or call, (203) 974-8565. It’s free! Your tax dollars at work.

I reached out to the office a couple weeks ago. The resident plant pathologist got right back- she was clear about diagnosis and treatment. It has a name now. Boxwood Leafminer. At least it’s not the BLIGHT. We need a chemical spray yesterday. I’ve been waiting many days as the bushes grow sicker. Will Mary find a licensed pesticide provider tomorrow or will the boxwoods die? Stay tuned, we are not going down without a fight.  

Speaking of rockers. I’d be remiss not to offer up Kevin Russell, a native Texan, who like many performers has not been doing live concerts. He’s been holding Saturday night solo gigs from his studio -that we totally enjoy. Like this recent one. Interested? From 2014- a properly mixed- Take Me Lake Charles

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