Spring flowers always offer something special. I never tire of looking for them, am thrilled to see them come up and yet, how quickly they pass! Raising children is much the same. You seize those special moments, even as they’re a prelude to another story you never fully expected. This has been my experience as a mother and it’s somewhat bittersweet. Here today, gone tomorrow.

Mother’s Day can be an occasion for making time to be alone, holding out for quiet. For me, that’s often time spent in the garden. People who know me know I sometimes prefer plants to cut flowers because I can enjoy tending them for years on end. Hopefully, like children. Reading also offers quiet time in which you can observe things about life you might easily miss in everyday, or the out-of-doors. I thought this article from The Times about birds was fascinating. I’m not sure if I enjoy the writing as much as I like watching the video. Love those birds! The View From Above

Spring is here. Been enjoying it? I’m waiting for this scarf to come back from print. The working name is now Daffodil. I’m working on a brand new one, which will be predominantly luxurious white roses. Give some people a break from those intense colors I can’t seem to dodge.
The scarf images marked in red are currently in stock and ready to travel. One week turn. Order RIGHT now and they’ll be in a mother’s hands for the big day!

Iris Luella DeMent is a two-time Grammy nominated, Arkansas born, singer/songwriter. Iris grew up in a Pentecostal family with many children, singing from a young age-influenced by gospel and country music.

It’s totally serendipitous that I chose a song by Iris who actually lives in Iowa City. Iris’s website has a lovely quote from NPR in celebration of her work.“Iris DeMent makes music that celebrates humanity’s efforts toward salvation, while acknowledging that most of our time on Earth is spent reconciling with the fact that we don’t feel so redeemed. Grounded in hymns, early country songs, gospel and folk, DeMent’s work is treasured by those who know it for its insight and unabashed beauty.” ~ NPR You can read more about Iris’ motivation here

Our Town- Iris DeMent with Emmy Lou Harris

I’m blogging today from Ames, Iowa. I love the people here and imagine some of my delight with Iris draws from a special human quality many Iowan natives also possess.

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