Green shoots coming up everywhere, fat azalea buds busting free. And the lily leaf beetles keep surfacing on the lilies. I try to get them every day but it’s becoming every other day. I spent time this week preparing the new bed for the dahlia tubers and cultivating around the hostas. I’m so pleased that the lace hydrangea are  once again full of buds. Last year they had almost no flowers. Of course, there’s the two hydrangea by the road- looking very dead but still sporting enough green at the base to deter me from pulling them out. The peonies are already 14” tall and in need of frames to keep them straight.

The two Paola pillows you see in this post are new this spring. I’m very excited to show them to you- especially  the yellow rose.New-Rose But what’s not to like about a fresh spring daffodil?Daphne

I spend a lot of time reading tea leaves to follow trends, looking at competition, and considering what to do to prepare Paola pillows for their entrée into the big world of home décor. Bottom line, experience tells me, Paola pillows speak directly to people on their own terms. I don’t spend a lot of time trying to change them. My job is to present them to you and help them put their best petal forward.

I’m in awe of what nature dishes up every Spring. Get some, bring them home and enjoy!

This week, Sunday is the Ridgefield, CT Jazz brunch – featuring jazz musician, and four-time Grammy nominee Karrin Allyson. Tickets here:  Will I see you there? Take a listen, Karrin is a wonderful talent.  Life is a Groove (Jordu) –


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