I don’t know about you, but after my delight at the start of azalea season, I was terribly discouraged by their poor showing. A friend told me about this site and when I reached out, I was helped through some ideas for garden improvement by an awesome horticulturalist, Carol from UConn Home and Garden Education Center. Apparently, lots of people struggled with this problem this year. I strongly suggest you ask your questions of UConn. Help is not far away if you’re ready to do the work.

Wind and rain that froze and thawed repeatedly exposed early bloomers like azaleas to bad conditions. I’m happy to say I will be outside very soon to attack azalea improvement. Cut back residual winter damage. And, hollytone enrichment time is upon us. Time to clear the leaves from under the bushes and give the bushes their annual feeding.

Real life takes time

Did you ever watch a show on TV and wish you could have somebody write out all the tedious parts of your life? Real life is never neat or predictable. But sometimes, it can be fulfilling. I inherited a miniature lilac tree from the previous homeowner, and aside from re-locating it to the center of the garden, I’ve simply enjoyed watching it grow and bloom. This year however, was the time to discipline its ruffled top that had become heavy and off balance as the little tree stretched toward the sun, even as it bloomed its heart out.

Mid -prune up top, nicely shaped below. I don’t know how the lilac will flower next year but I feel better just looking at it.  Maybe a little less romantic looking but it sure looks healthier!

Water feature

This year was the first try at getting my toes wet with a water feature-tiny as it may be. After paying large sums of money to drain water from our garden, I was finally seduced by some adorable plants and helpful salespeople at Bosco’s Garden Center in Simsbury. I just had to try. Maybe next year I’ll get a bird bath and fill it with more water plants.

I’m told to expect lavender flowers from the two water hyacinth plants. Notice the cool bladders that hold the plants aloft? Totally cool.

What’s not to like about water as summer approaches? I was recently captivated by this 3D video of the creation of Frank Lloyd Wright’s house called Fallingwater. You can visit the real place in Pennsylvania. Just as magical.

Joseph- Twins Meegan and Allison Closner and their older sister, Natalie Closner from Portland, Oregon. White Flag. More about our girls here.

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