Sheltering at home for those of us able to do so has its blessings. Projects that have gone begging for months have re-appeared with a vengeance here in Litchfield. Are YOU bored? Give me a call, I’ll take care of that for you.

One big project is repair to our god of the garden – Serenity. Serenity is the wooden Thai Buddha we bought in Brimfield MA. He’s been sitting on his throne for almost ten years now. We move him into the barn in winter, but the weather and rain have overcome him. Once again, this is the year to do some serious repair.

The early daysIn the van and at home in the garden.

In 2017, I could tell it was time to seal the outside of Buddha’s body. Unbeknownst to me, his suffering was dramatically systemic. As we carried him outside after an initial sealing, we dropped him and he broke clean in half along an existing construction line.

I cleaned him out, sprayed him with carburetor fluid to squash any insects, and we drill/glued him back together.
After sanding and sealing Buddha many times over with tung oil and spar varnish, he was back at his post, until now- a lovely new shade of rich red brown.

Fast Forward to Spring 2020

Serenity has endured much. You can see below, his hand that was joined to his thigh with a concealed screw and his elbow joint and shoulder took on so much moisture they broke down and simply fell off once we made the cut to his upper arm.

After we carefully sliced off Serenity’s right arm last week, I discovered an advanced challenge. Parts of his body- shoulders and arms especially, are riddled with dry rot-his right arm separated in a couple places.
I’ve now begun to hollow out the trouble sections, which will be followed by an anti-fungal treatment, and a cool product called Wood Hardener. It bonds the dry soft wood and hardens it. Next step will be filling with some kind of waterproof fill and re-connecting the limbs. Wish us luck!

Speaking of one of our favorite shopping places…Brimfield Antique Show is online is this week. You can find it here.

This year, all fairs are off. Which means, I’m scrambling to convert new inventory to an online selling platform. Think of local artists when looking for gifts. We’re all around you. We now have scarves in stock and more designs on the runway. Stay tuned!

Apricot is a brand new update on a design I originally released in 2019 called Creamsicle. I have one in stock now!

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