Texture has been the buzzword in home decor since people migrated away from bright colors. As you know, if you’ve been observing the unfolding of Paola Pillows, I could never walk away from intense colors. I have strong opinions about color and I blog about it!

Texture brings comfort home

 Late afternoon seen through a hosta leaf

Texture offers a great way to add interest to a room. Good memories are often tied to the sensual pleasures of soft fabrics like velour, washed cotton and silks. Take those memories outdoors to the warm smell of tall grass and the feel of a thick living green carpet underfoot. Bare feet in the warm sand, a rocking quiet float on the ocean. Memories can bring good feelings to life. What one person remembers is different from anybody else. Consider this if you’re tempted  to buy into some kind of formulaic decision on TV about what colors or styles are right for you.

Research. Re-discover and share your good memories with whomever you make your home with. Your choices have to sync with each other. Open your eyes and be honest with what you see around you. Go for it. Here are a few links you might enjoy.

  1. Some different ways to add texture to a room.
  2. Johnson-The name is tied to surface treatments.  I’m a huge fan of textured walls in giving a home that warm feeling. With snow incoming to the NE this weekend, I’m glad to have put a deep textured grass cloth on my bedroom wall. Consider adding wall texture if you have a lot of glass and sunlight. It warms a space.
  3. If you’re doing it yourself, you might find this useful.
  4. If you like looking at pictures for inspiration (like me), so someone else can do it.. you might enjoy this. HOUZZ is a great way to get ideas, find a local decorator or craftsman when you need help.

I have to give a nod to the passing of a great songwriter. Glenn Frey. An interesting, Motown sound- not immediately familiar. I thought the subject fit: True Love.

And, if you need an Eagles fix. Take it Easy.

Texture brings comfort home

 Three -dimensional hostas for your living room

I love color and texture together as nature dishes it up. It’s why I created pillows from my gardens.  If you do too, you might enjoy Paola Prints in your home.

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  1. Louis

    Stick to your design perspective, not all folks have walked away from intense color treatments for
    accent walls and soft interior accessories

    • Thanks for your note Louis,

      Agree! Anti-color in home decor is perhaps a New England prejudice first and foremost. However, I also think that people in general don’t feel empowered in home decor so they look elsewhere for advice. It’s an easy fix for someone to suggest “white on white” How can you go wrong? Leading someone to color is a much harder program. But not one we should ever step away from!

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